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Wedding photography is a people’s profession. You get time to establish solid and special relationships and end up meeting some incredible ones. They spend countless hours preparing and meticulous planning for their ‘perfect’ wedding day, and a lot of that effort goes into ensuring that they will look absolutely beautiful! They are wearing fantastic outfits, their accessories are carefully chosen, their hair is perfect, and their makeup enhances their features. Capturing happiness, laughter, joy, anticipation, excitement and maybe even some sadness, with a wedding you have a story built right through your imagery. That means being 100% focused for up to 14 hours straight, capable of working under pressure, using a photojournalistic mindset, then switching to being a portrait photographer directing and posing. Shooting lots of details, putting on a still life/commercial cap, then again using landscape and architectural skills to shoot the locations or venues. Shooting in rain, sunlight, shade, artificial light, or practically no light!

In the end is the final product, a beautifully designed album that becomes a precious family treasure that is passed down from generation to generation. Grandchildren love to look at their grandparents in their wedding photos.

A wedding photographer impacts people for a very long time.

This value is becoming more and more recognized, as wedding photography is evolving to focus more on capturing the feeling of a wedding day, and the real personality of the couple. As such, many brides now state that the photographer is the most important purchase.